UART/RS232/RS485 display displayer

LCD with serial control, receiving commands sent by user microcontroller through URAT, RS232, RS454 to complete the display.

what is UART

Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (UART) is a logic circuit for serial port transceiver, which is a processor that converts parallel data into serial data.

what is RS232

RS232 is an asynchronous transmission electrical protocol, communication mainly consists of RX, TX, GND three wires, poor anti-interference ability, communication distance of 15 meters.

what is RS485

RS485 adopts differential transmission in order to make up for the short transmission distance of RS232, with strong anti-interference ability and can transmit up to 1200 meters

How the UART displayer works ?

UART display is to add MCU and TFT LCD controller on the display, the MCU is responsible for receiving instructions from the main board, and then according to these defined instructions to display pictures or animation, the MCU on the main board does not need to write complex programs for the complicated picture display, only simple instructions to achieve the animation effect.

Why serial screen applications are increasing?

Using the serial screen lets you easily display the desired image or animation in your product, and you can even place your program in the MCU of the serial screen. This will greatly reduce your development effort and development cycle.

What can be done with serial screens?

Serial screen can do the following: 1. display the text content and font you need, 2. display your favorite pictures, 3. show dynamic effects, 4. play the audio you need; 5. make beautiful UI, 6. visible access to wifi and 4G network, 7. up to 2500 nits display, etc.

serial control display production

Just tell me what you think and I will do the rest

All you need to do is to tell me the clear requirements and I will realize your ideas. Once everything is confirmed, we can finish the samples in about 20 days, so that your product will be available as fast as possible.

How to customize the serial display?

You need to provide your requirements for display size, driver board size, physical interface, etc. We have a page to introduce the required content, please click the button to understand

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