HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter

The interface converter can convert HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA into LVDS or eDP signals with a maximum resolution of 2560×1600. It also supports OSD adjustment and has reliable performance.

HDMI+DP+TypeC+VGA to eDP LVDS converter

HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter

Input single


Output single

EDP ​​output 2lane / 4lane, LVDS dual 8BIT

operating temperature

Wide temperature working range: -20℃ ~ +70℃

power requirements

The board supports a wide voltage input of 8V~25V

Interface converter parameters


HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter is mainly designed for TFT LCD screens, suitable for LCD screens and some other flat panel screens.
1. Input signal type: Type-C (digital HD), DP (digital HD), HDMI (digital HD), VGA (analog signal).
2. HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter supports wide voltage input 8V~25V; typical value 12V (when the screen power supply is 12V, the board power supply must be 12V)
3. Wide temperature operating range: -20℃ ~ +70℃
4. HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter comes with LED backlight drive circuit; supports small and medium-sized LED backlight drive.
5. The backlight power supply supports 5V/12V (default 12V), supports PWM duty cycle to adjust the backlight brightness, and supports aging mode
6. Display output interface: EDP output 2lane/4lane, LVDS dual 8BIT
7. Adapt to the resolution of high-definition HDMI and analog RGB (VGA) of PC (personal computer) graphics card: 480×272, VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA, WXGA+, UXGA, 1920X1200, 2048×1536, 2560×1080, 2560×1600 and other VESA standard signals;

HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter considerations

(1) LCD screen: HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter is suitable for LCD screens with power supply of 3.3V, 5V or 12V and interface of EDP or LVDS.
(2) HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter: When touching the HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter, be careful to prevent static electricity to avoid damaging components. Confirm that the control board settings fully meet the requirements of the display.
(3) LCD screen connection components: Different LCD screens may use different connectors and different pin signal arrangements.
(4) Inverter: LCD screens without built-in inverters need to be equipped with inverters. The matching inverter should be selected according to the backlight parameters of the LCD screen.
(5) Inverter cable: Different inverters generally have different input signals. You need to select matching cables. Improper connection may damage the inverter.
(6) Function control: Function control includes power switch, backlight adjustment and OSD menu adjustment.
(7) OSD adjustment board connection cable: This cable is generally required to be within 1m.
(8) Signal standard cable: This cable is very important for display quality and requires a high-quality shielded cable.
(9) Power supply: 12V DC power supply, requiring a stable power supply. The power supply power depends on the LCD screen and the inverter. Generally speaking, a 3.5A power supply can meet the needs of high-brightness or LED1500 brightness LCD screens. Power fluctuations will affect the life of the backlight and may also affect the display quality, and may even damage the product.
10. When installing this controller, it is recommended to keep a space of at least 10mm high on the component side and at least 5mm on the other side. In addition, pay attention to: electrical insulation; good grounding; prevention of electromagnetic interference; reasonable cable layout.
It must be noted that the signal line of the LCD screen must be kept at a necessary distance from the backlight line to prevent signal crosstalk.

HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter considerations Description
interfaceuseConnector DescriptionRemark
CN1,CN1812VDC power input4P,2.0Pitch,single row,180°, socketdefaultNC
CN212VDC power inputDC JACK, positive inside and negative outside, positive pole outer diameterφ2.0mm, negative electrode inner diameterφ5.5mmcopper 
CN3LCD screen power supply selection1-2 Short circuit 3.3V,3-4 Short circuit 5V,5-6 Short circuit 12Vdefault3.3V
CN4Inverter/Booster board/Constant current plate/interface6P,2.0Pitch,single row,180°, copper/socket 
CN5HDMIenterHDMI-19pin,90degrees, copper plated with gold, Taiwan socket 
CN6DPenterDPseat20PinMother seatDisplayPort 
CN8VGAInput standard socketDB15FLC, female head,90°, black (or blue), copper feet/With screws 
CN9VGAInput Substitution Plugin12P,2.0Pitch,single row,180°, socket 
CN13Left and right channel speaker output4P,2.0Pitch,single row,180°, socket 
CN15OSDbutton+Remote control input interface12P,1.25Pitch, single row, socketMolex1.25-12pin 
CN16OSDbutton+Remote control input interfacePH2.0-12PIN 
CN19LVDS/Output Interface2×15P,2.0pitch, double row needle30Pin,180°, socket 
CN20EDP/Output InterfaceFPC40pinFlipFFC0.5mm-40pin,socket 
CN21EDP/Output Interface/FPC30pinFlipFFC0.5mm-30pin,socket 
CN22EDP/Output Interface2.0_2X10_20PIN2×10P,2.0pitch, double row needle20Pin,180°, socket 
CN24,J3USB2.0_HUB inputMolex1.25-4pin 
J112VOutput4P,2.0Pitch,single row,180°, socket 
J25VOutput4P,2.0Pitch,single row,180°, socket 
HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter test points
12V12V10.81213.2V400mVDetermined by external modules
5V5VTest Points4.7555.25V200mV 
3.3V3.3VTest Points3.133.253.46V150mV 
1.1V1.1VTest Points1.081.091.2V100mV 
BL-ENBacklight Enable0.15V 
HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter CN7 details
HDMI+DP+Type-c+VGA to eDp+LVDS interface converter supported signal formats
1REDAnalog red signal2GRNAnalog green signal
3BLUAnalog blue signal4NCno connection
5GNDDigitally6AGNDAnalog Ground
7AGNDAnalog Ground8AGNDAnalog Ground
11NCno connection12VGA_DDC_SDADDCSerial Data
13HSYNCHorizontal sync input14VSYNCVertical Sync Input
15VGA_DDC_SCLDDCSerial Clock   
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