Segment LCD

Segmented screens can be divided into TN, HTN, STN (gray background, yellow-green, blue), VA (black background) according to the display mode.

what is 7 segment display?

PMOLED is the abbreviation of Passive matrix OLED, which uses cathode and anode to form a network, and the position where the cathode and anode cross will be lit up by continuous scanning with voltage, thus forming an image.

Is 7 segment display a LCD?

LED and LCD can both be called segment screens, but LED segment screens can only display numbers and simple characters, while LCD segment screens can be made to display any shape you need, even in a colorful way.

What does 7-segment display do?

LCD segment screen can display any character you want, and VA mode segment screen can display colorful icons. And with low power consumption and strong driving ability, it is widely used in various devices.

What is a segment LCD?

part of the segment working state

all of the segment working state

Segment LCD is a simple structure of the LCD, can only control whether the pattern has been designed to display, Cannot display other content, the name of the 7-segment screen is because the display number 8 by 7 pen segments, this display control is simple, can be set according to different requirements of different patterns, numbers and text, compared to character LCD and graphic LCD for pen segment display is more dazzling, the content is clearer, widely used in the field of instrumentation and home appliances.

How many kinds of segment screen?

LED segment display

The segment display made of LED and shell is the earliest segment screen used, with simple and reliable structure, long life, high brightness, and low cost, but the style is simple and cannot be complex.

TN mode LCD segment display

The TN mode of the segment screen is the most widely used, and there are many modes of LCD composition:
1. TN mode segment screen: It is composed of a TN mode display screen, usually without a backlight, and the viewing angle is 50°
2. HTN mode segment screen: composed of HTN mode display screen, you can add blue, white, yellow, green backlight, the viewing angle is 60°
3. STN mode segment screen: composed of STN mode display screen, high contrast, can add blue, white, green, yellow backlight, the viewing angle is 120°
4. FSTN mode segment screen: composed of FSTN mode display screen, similar to STN, mainly improves the corresponding speed and increases the viewing angle to 150°

 STN mode segment lcd: grey mode, black and white mode, yellow and green mode, negative display blue mode

STN mode segment LCD
segment LCD production

VA mode LCD segment display

Because the segment code screen of VA mode uses the display screen of VA mode, the viewing angle is about 100°, and the background color of the screen is black, so the contrast ratio is very high. You can also print colorful patterns, and the picture looks gorgeous. Because it is a black background, a high-brightness backlight is required to make the screen look bright enough. If you need a color segment screen, the VA mode pen segment screen is your only choice.

VA full view products segment lcd can add touch function (ON-CELL VA full view products)

VA mode segment lcd

Applications of our products


electric equipment

The segment  LCD has strong anti-interference ability and long service life, which can ensure the stable operation of power equipment.


Electric bicycle/electric vehicle meter

As an electric vehicle instrument, the segment code screen has rich content, can work in the range of -30°~-80°, and has high brightness, ensuring that it can be seen under strong outdoor light.


remote control

The remote control uses a segment display to display parameters and status, etc. The high brightness is suitable for outdoor use


Medical equipment

The segment display has a simple and reliable structure, long life and low power consumption, which is very suitable for the use of medical equipment.


mobile communication equipment

The segment used on the mobile communication device is that the display screen can display the status and parameters from time to time, and the structure is simple and durable.


Instruments and Meters

The most common ammeters, voltmeters, adjustable current sources and other instruments have a segment code screen to display voltage and current, etc.

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According to your needs, you can design many segments on the lcd display, and you can also make a variety of colors to make the picture look more beautiful

The three segment LCDs made with LCD display are: TN(Twisted nematic) display mode, IPS (In plane switching) display mode, VA (Vertical alignment)display mode, and many kinds of segment LCDs can be made with different polarizers and backlights.

Because only a simple signal is needed to control segment LCD, segment LCD is widely used in electronic instruments, electric bicycles, remote controls, medical equipment, walkie-talkies, etc.

Segment LCDs are low cost and do not require dedicated driver chip control. Using LCDs and backlights with different display modes can be combined with a variety of segment LCDs, even color segments

Only a simple signal is needed to control the segment LCD, which can display numbers, designed patterns, etc. The ammeter we often use and the calculator use segment LCD

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