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Because the circular display area of a circular lcd display is different from the traditional square, this makes the circular display more attractive to consumers. However, circular displays are also difficult to make because of their round shape.

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round screen

Because of the rapid development of smart wearable and smart home market, people have higher requirements for products. They are no longer limited to the function, but also the appearance. Like round dial and round knob, these have been deeply recorded in our minds. Color round display brings incomparable display effect to end users. After adding multi-touch screen to the round lcd display, users can touch the round screen and rotate and press the traditional knob. Bring more man-machine interaction functions, which can replace the original complex panel to make your products more concise and more advanced.

The latest round lcd display products

1.2-inch round lcd display

Diagonal (inch)1.2
Resolution (pixel)240×240
Display TypeIPS
Display ModeTransmissive
Optimal ViewFull View
Touch ScreenCustom
Module Dimensions (mm) (W x H x D)32.56×34.31×1.57
Active Area (mm) (W x H)30.24×30.24
Luminance (cd/m2)TBD
Driver ICNV3002B
Operational Temperature (°C)-20 ~ +70
Storage Temperature (°C)-30 ~ +80
1.28 LCD display

1.28-inch round lcd display

ITEMStandard valueUNIT
Display SIZE1.28INCH
Display Type a-Si
Driver ElementActive Matrix
Number of Dots240*240Dots
Display Color16.7M
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.135*0.135mm
Active AreaØ32.4mm
Viewing Directionall direction
Control ICGC9A01
Module Size(W*H*T)35.6(H) x 38.1(V) x1.5 (D)mm

1.3-inch round lcd display

ITEMStandard valueUNIT
LCD Type IPS mode
Driver Element a-Si TFT Active matrix
Number of Dots320*(RGB)*320Dots
Pixel ArrangementRGB Vertical Stripe
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.219*0.219mm
Active Area33.12mm
Viewing Directionall view direction
Control ICST7796
Module Size(W*H*T)36.12(W)*39.16(L)*1.5(H)mm
Back LightWhite LED

2.1-inch round lcd display

ITEMStandard valueUNIT
Display SIZE2.1INCH
Display Type a-Si
Driver ElementActive Matrix
Number of Dots480*480Dots
Display Color16.7M
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.135*0.135mm
Active AreaØ53.28mm
Viewing Directionall direction
Control ICST7701
Module Size(W*H*T)56.18(H) x 59.17(V) x2.3 (D)mm

3.4-inch round lcd display

ITEMStandard valueUNIT
LCD TypeTFT Negative Transmissive
Driver Elementa-Si TFT Active matrix
Number of Dots800*(RGB)*800Dots
Pixel ArrangementRGB Vertical Stripe
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.109*0.109mm
Active Area87.6mm
Viewing Directionall view direction
Control ICILI9881C
Module Size(W*H*T)96.6(W)*99.0(L)*2.45(H)mm
Back LightWhite LED

Main parameters of the display

The main parameters are  outline dimension, active area size, resolution, panel border, etc.

round lcd display

Compared with square displays, it is more difficult to make round display. For example, the cutting of round lcd display requires CNC or laser cutting due to its circular shape, and the backlight should also be made into a circle to match the round display. Therefore, the size of round screen is relatively small. We have the world’s most complete round screen, ranging from 0.9 “to 5”. The following is the product information:

InchOutlineResolutionModeinterfaceDriver ICDimensional OutlineActive AreaOperating temperature
0.9round display128(H)×128(V)IPSSPI/MCUST7735S 24.84(H)×24.94(V) 23.04(H)×23.04(V) -30℃/85℃
1.2round display240(H)×240(V) IPSMCU/SPI/QSPINV3002A32.24(H)×34.01(V)30.24(H)×30.24(V)-30℃/85℃
1.32round display360(H)×360(V) IPSQSPI/RGB/MCU/MIPIST7791635.68(H)×37.56(V)33.48(H)×33.48(V)-30℃/85℃
1.32round display466(H)×466(V) OLEDQSPI/MIPIRM6909136.352(H)×36.382(V)33.552(H)×33.552(V)-20℃/70℃
1.38round display240(H)×240(V) IPSMCU/SPI/QSPINV3002A37.136(H)×38.836(V)35.136(H)×35.136(V) -20℃/70℃
1.43round display466(H)×466(V) OLEDQSPI/MIPISH860139.55(H)×39.55(V)36.35(H)×36.35(V) -20℃/70℃
1.46round display360(H)×360(V) IPSQSPI/RGB/MCU/MIPIST7791638.786(H)×38.936(V)36.936(H)×36.936(V) -30℃/85℃
1.6round display400(H)×400(V) IPSRGB/MIPI/MCUST7797/ST7790341.74(H)×41.74(V) 39.84(H)×39.84(V)-30℃/85℃
2.1round display480(H)×480(V) IPSMIPI/RGBST770156.18(V)x59.71(V)53.28(H)X53.28(V)-20℃/70℃
2.47round display480(H)×480(V)IPSMIPIHX8379C69.19(H)×71.74(V)62.64×62.64(circle)-10℃/60℃
3.6round display544(H)×506(V)IPSMIPIST7256695.16(H)×91.46(V)89.76(H)×83.49(V)-35℃/85℃
4round display720(H)×720(V)IPSMIPIICNL9707/NV3051F105(H)×109.265(V)101.52(H)×101.52(V)-30℃/85℃
5round display1080(H)×1080(V)IPSMIPIHX8399C143(H)×140(V) 127.008(H)×127.008(V) -20℃/60℃

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