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LCD screens have many types of interfaces, such as MCU, SPI, RGB, MIPI, LVDS, eDP interfaces, etc., but devices such as personal PCs, industrial PCs, or Raspberry Pi use VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP and other interfaces. , so you cannot directly use the display you want, so you need to convert between different interfaces, such as HDMI to RGB, HDMI to MIPI, HDMI to LVDS, etc. There are many methods to achieve the conversion of different display interfaces, such as using FPGA to convert the interface, or using dedicated chips such as Realtek, Lontium, etc. Among them, Realtek is the most widely used and the best solution.

Realtek RTD Writer

Realtek’s interface conversion board can achieve different functions by using different drivers, so we designed the Realtek display driver IC writer to facilitate the software upgrade of the Realtek display driver IC.

Our products have the following advantages:

1. Support Realtek RTD series product programming: RTD2785, RTD2555T, RTD2483, RTD2270, RTD2271, RTD2660, RTD2660H, RTD2555T, RTD2556, RTD2785, RTD2795, RTD2995. etc.
2. Input signal type: Type-c, USB2.0 (USB-A/USB MICRO).
3. Input voltage 4.5-5V;
4. Wide temperature working range: -30℃ ~ +80℃
5. The burning output terminal supports two VGA+two HDMI and one DVI.
6. Burning data indicator light display
7. It features ultra-low power consumption, simple operation, and reliable performance.

Realtek RTD Series Products Writer

how to use USB-Realtek RTD high-speed writer

This control board is suitable for programming Realtek RTD series products: RTD2785, RTD2555T, RTD2483, RTD2270, RTD2271, RTD2660, RTD2660H, RTD2555T, RTD2556, RTD2785, RTD2795, RTD2995.. and other display solutions.

1.This control board is suitable for a power supply of 5V. Please do not input a voltage higher than 5V. At the same time, fluctuations in the power supply will affect the life of the product and may even damage it. The burning output interface is VGA, HDMI, DVI or other driver boards with jumpers for burning interfaces.

2.Understand the component configuration of the entire system, prepare connecting devices, and connect lines according to the system connection diagram.

system connection diagram

3.The input is USB MICRO, and it is necessary to take certain shielding measures to prevent external interference from interfering with the USB.

4.Be careful to keep the programming output connection cable as short as possible. A programming cable that is too long may affect programming.

5.After power on, the red light lights up. During the burning process, red is SDA signal communication and green is SCL signal communication.

6.If the USB-Realtek RTD high-speed writer is working abnormally, you can measure the signal at the test point to solve the problem. The signal at the test point is as follows

how to use ISPTool

First open the ISPTooL software, click the option button, and choose to install the driver. After the driver is installed, you need to restart the computer.
Then open the ISPTooL software, click on the access method selection bar, and select different options according to different chips. For example, for Realtek chips, select RealtekUSB. However, it should be noted that when the IC is FTDI, you need to select the FTDIUsb option (low speed).
Then select the program that needs to be upgraded and check it.
Perform TSP settings according to the figure below, and finally write.

how to use ISPTool

USB-Realtek RTD high-speed writer driver problem

If the USB-Realtek RTD high-speed writer cannot be correctly recognized by the computer, it is most likely that the driver is not installed correctly. Open the computer’s device manager, find the RealTek LCD USB ISP Tool, right-click to open properties, select the driver bar, select Update driver bar, then select Browse my computer for driver software, and then select from the computer’s device driver list Select, select the display compatible hardware option, find RealTek, then select Realtek LCD USB ISP Tool and then you can use the USB-Realtek RTD high-speed writer


Click this link to download ISPTool_V3.4.6, the decompression password is fengxiao tech,we hope our RTD burning tool will bring you convenience.

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