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The industry chain of tft screen is all concentrated in Asia. The top manufacturers of lcd panel in the world are all Chinese manufacturers, and supporting resources such as lcd display fpc, led backlit, pcb are also mainly concentrated in China. If you need lcd panel OEM and ODM , then Chinese manufacturers are your first choice.

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2.LCD panel ODM factory

3.LCD Panel OEM vs. ODM Factory Comparison conclusion

Liquid crystal display (LCD) panels have become key components in a variety of electronic devices, including televisions, smartphones, tablets, and laptops. As the demand for LCD panels increases, original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and original design manufacturer (ODM) factories are becoming more and more important in the production process.

tft display OEM factory is responsible for the design and manufacture of lcd panel products, and then deliver to you. lcd screen is a unique semiconductor field, which has some knowledge and requirements that are relatively independent from other industries. A professional tft display OEM or ODM factory is very important to you.


LCD panel OEM factory

LCD panel OEM factories design and manufacture LCD panels, which are then handed over to the customer or the customer’s assembly plant. In this process, the OEM factory is responsible for the entire tft display production process.

Advantages of using an LCD panel OEM factory include the ability to leverage the expertise and experience of factory engineers and technicians, and the ability to achieve economies of scale. World-class LCD panel foundries include LG Display, Samsung Display and BOE Technology Group. They are very professional, but they have high requirements for the quantity of orders, and the cycle is also long.

LCD panel ODM factory

LCD panel ODM factories are responsible for designing and manufacturing LCD panels, in this process, ODM factories are responsible for the design and production process of LCD panels. The difference with OEM is mainly in the design part of tft display.

The advantages of using an LCD panel ODM factory include the ability to customize products according to the specific needs of the contracting company, so that tft display can better fit the product and speed up product development.

LCD Panel OEM vs. ODM Factory Comparison

A major difference between LCD panel OEM and ODM factories is the level of control the contracting company has over the manufacturing process. When choosing between OEM and ODM factories, factors to consider include the complexity of the product, the degree of control over the manufacturing process, and the company’s resources and capabilities.

If your company does not have a professional tft display engineer, it is recommended that you adopt the ODM mode. In this mode, you only need to provide the demand for tft display, even a vague demand, and the experts from harmony optoelectronics will patiently communicate with you , give a perfect design for your confirmation. If the existing products cannot meet your requirements, we are willing to innovate with you and make challenging products.

in conclusion

LCD panel OEM and ODM factories play a vital role in the production of LCD panels, which are essential components in many electronic devices, especially some instruments with long service life, or elevator display screens And safety-related equipment such as motorcycle display screens require a professional tft display OEM or ODM factory. harmony optoelectronics has more than ten years of experience in the tft display industry and looks forward to innovating with you!

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