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Because of low price and low power consumption, Segment lcd and graphic lcd are used in many portable instruments or electronic products. at the same time, the mold cost of customized segment lcd and graphic lcd is low, and there are HSTN, DSTN, TN, VA and other display modes to choose from. Different display modes can provide different viewing angles, contrast ratios and display colors. This allows you to obtain a segment lcd that perfectly matches the project at a very low cost.

What services can we provide

Harmony Optoelectronics can not only provide segment lcd and graphic lcd customization services, but also innovatively combine touch technology with segment lcd. Use SOLC (single layer on cell) touch technology to make touch lines on the surface of segment lcd or graphic to realize touch function.

Advantages of SLOC technology applied in segment lcd and graphic lcd

From the above video, we can see that the segment lcd and graphic lcd of Hexie Optoelectronics already have touch function, no need to add additional resistive touch screen or capacitive touch screen, just need to add a cover lens to protect or make your product more beautiful. The difficulty of customizing cover lens will be much lower than that of customizing touch screen, which will help you speed up the progress of the project. The use of SOLC touch technology can reduce the display thickness, which allows you to consider the use experience and aesthetics more when designing products, instead of compromising because of the thickness.


We can provide segment lcd with sloc touch technology, graphic lcd with sloc touch technology, please contact us if you need.

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