HDMI インターフェースを MIPI インターフェースに変換するインターフェースコンバーター。最大解像度は 2560×1440、最大リフレッシュレートは 60Hz です。タッチスクリーンやその他の機能を追加して、要件に応じてカスタマイズできます

HDMI to MIPI converter

HDMI to MIPI 変換基板の仕様


Digital HD (HDMI)


MIPI 2 lane, MIPI 4 lane interface


広い温度の作業範囲: -20℃ ~ +70℃の


The board supports a wide voltage input of 6V~13V

Interface converter parameters


The HDMI to MIPI converter is mainly aimed at MIPI Interface LCD screen, suitable for MIPI Interface LCD display

 – Input signal type: Digital HD (HDMI)
 – Board voltage input6V~13V;Typical value12V 
– Wide temperature operating range:-20℃ ~ +70℃
 – Comes with boardledBacklight drive circuit;
 – Display output interface: 
– adapt PC Graphics Card HDMI,simulation RGB(VGA)
– resolution:480×272,VGA,SVGA,XGA,SXGA, WXGA+,UXGA,1200X1920,1920X1200 VESA standard signal; 

HDMI to MIPI converter considerations

(1) The HDMI to MIPI converter can provide 3.3V LCD logic power.
(2) When touching the HDMI to MIPI converter, be careful to prevent static electricity to avoid damaging components. Confirm that the HDMI to MIPI converter settings are fully matched with the display requirements.
(3) Connection cable of HDMI to MIPI converter: Different LCD screens may use different connectors and have different pin signal arrangements.
(4) Standard cable: The cable of HDMI to MIPI converter is very important for display quality, and good quality shielded cable is required.
(5) Power supply: 12VDC power supply requires stable power supply. 2A power supply can meet the requirements of high brightness LED or 1000 brightness affecting LCD screen. Power supply fluctuations will affect the life of the backlight, may also affect the display quality, and may even damage the product.

インターフェースfunctionConnector description
CN212VDC power input5.5mm (JST/CVILUX) DC JACK, inside is positive and outside is negative, positive electrode outer diameter φ2.0mm, negative electrode inner diameter φ
CN1HDM input interfaceHDMI-19pin,90 Degree, Taiwan socket
CN5MIPI/output Interface0.5pitch-40PIN flip cover
HDMI to MIPI converter test points
12V12Vtest point101213V200mV
5V5Vtest point4.7555.25V200mV
3.3V3.3Vtest point3.133.253.46 150mV
1.8V1.8Vtest point1.71.751.85V100mV
BL-ENBacklight enable0.14.8V
MIPI interface of HDMI to MIPI converter
1NCNC2VDD1.8Screen power supplyVDD1.8V
3VDD1.8Screen power supplyVDD1.8V4GNDGND
23HSHorizontal scan Signal for touch24VSVertical scan Signal for touch
NVM(OTP),Let it open when not in use
27PWMOPWM control signal for LED driver28 Enables the Test Image Generation function, if not used, connect to GND
31VLED-Backlight power supply negative electrode32VLED-Backlight power supply negative electrode
33NCNC34VSNAnalog supply negative voltage(-5V)
35VSNAnalog supply negative voltage(-5V)36NCNC
37VSPAnalog supply positive voltage(+5V)38VSPAnalog supply positive voltage(+5V)
39VLED+Backlight power supply positive pole40VLED+Backlight power supply positive pole
Parameters of HDMI to MIPI converter
signal input入力信号の種類                                                                       HDMI 
Input signal range                                                                 HDMI input rangePC(HDMI)Highest1920×1200
供給電圧                                                                 Minimum:10VNominal:12Vmaximum:13V
Working currentNote                                                                    Minimum:0.1ANominal:0.3Amaximum:0.4A
待機電力                                                                 <0.4W
表示電圧                                                    3.3V/5V  Jumper selectable
Maximum display load capacity (normal temperature)                                                        1.8A@3.3V,2.5A@5V
Communication Interface                                                              USB,I²C
使用温度範囲                                                     – 20℃〜70℃;
使用湿度範囲                                               10~95%RH(40℃,95%RH)
保存湿度範囲                                                             10~100%RH
使用環境気圧範囲                                                      70kPa~106kPa
MTBF                                                     >50000Hour
HDMI to LVDS converter possible fault links

When the display system is abnormal, the following links need to be judged. By checking them one by one, the problem can generally be determined.
1. No display
If the connection is incorrect, or the power is not turned on (such as no power input, the power switch is not turned on), or the PC output signal is not within the adaptive range of this controller, it may cause no display.
2. Abnormal image display
Display abnormalities may include missing lines, jitter, flickering, shadows, etc.
If the refresh rate, resolution setting, and scanning method of the graphics card do not match the controller requirements, it may cause abnormal image display size, image scrolling, flickering, or even no display. The quality of the cable connecting the monitor can also cause display abnormalities. The quality of the signal line directly affects the quality of the input signal and the anti-interference ability of the input end. If the image display shows a shadow, it is likely caused by poor signal line quality. If there is no appropriate distance between the backlight and the display signal line, it may affect the horizontal synchronization signal of the LCD screen, and its impact can be directly reflected in the display.
3. Backlight abnormality
If the backlight is abnormal, you need to check the following aspects: power input, input switch signal, input adjustment (the adjustment signal is not within the range required by the inverter, which may also be the reason why the backlight is not bright) and backlight, etc.
4. Other faults
Improper use, such as inappropriate input power, short circuit caused by misoperation, incorrect connection line, etc., may cause unpredictable adverse consequences

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