> TFT液晶に使用されるOCAの特徴

Features of OCA

  1. 密着性に優れ、ガラス、ポリカーボネート等のプラスチックやフィルムへの貼り付けに適しています。
  2. 耐熱性、耐湿性、耐凍結性に優れています(気泡、剥離、剥がれがありません)
  3. 耐久性、シール性に優れ、透過率が高く屈折率が低く、平滑性が良好です。
  4. ベルト上の剥離フィルムの剥離時に生じる残留物を解決します。
  5. はく離性が良く、糊残りがなくはがせます。優れた打ち抜き性能、加工速度、歩留まりの向上
  1. クリーンな処理環境、精密なコーティング、製品の高い清浄度は、ITOや他の金属時計と直接使用できます。


OCA cutting

For production and transportation considerations, the raw material of OCA is roll material, which needs to be cut according to the size of the display screen. The size of the OCA will be larger than the active area of the cover lens, but an excessively large OCA will affect the structure of the tft display module and needs to be designed according to the product.

The raw material of OCA is coil material.
After cutting the OCA material

Key parameters of OCA

refractive index1.48±0.02
Elastic Modulus25℃6.2×10^4pa
180°Peel force(N/25mm)>16

OCA transmittance

The transmittance of OCA is generally greater than 90%, but it should be noted that the transmittance of OCA will vary at different wavelengths. For detailed information, please refer to the chart below.

Transmittance at different wavelengths

OCA storage and precautions

  1. Generally, the shelf life of OCA is 6 months, so please pay attention.
  2. OCA does not require a special storage environment. It needs to be stored at 10~30℃ and relative humidity 30%~70%. However, it should be noted that it needs to avoid light and condensation.
  3. Avoid applying pressure and or placing objects on the OCA to prevent dents, marks and deformation of the surface.
  4. OCA needs to be unpacked in a clean room, and gloves should be worn when handling to avoid leaving fingerprints and contamination.