what is the difference between ips display VS tft?

 > what is the difference between ips lcd VS tft?


LCD display is a very fast-growing industry. From the initial black-and-white display to color display, to foldable AMOLED, to Mini-LED, it only took more than 20 years of development, and the principles and structures of different displays different. The following article will introduce the relevant knowledge of tft display.

1.black and white display

2.color tft display

    2.1. tn panel

    2.2. va display

    2.3. ips display

3. who is better for ips vs tft?

tft display have successfully replaced most of the CRT display market because of the thin and thin appearance and performance. Now the screen that we contact in our work and life are basically tft displays. According to different needs, TFT LCD derives a lot of varieties and functions. According to the function, it can be divided into: sunlight readable display, high temperature display, low temperature display, high brightness display, waterproof display, etc., high refresh rate display, etc. It can be divided into two categories according to different varieties:

ips VS tft

The first category is a black and white display

The first category is a black and white display. This display does not have color filter and has a low resolution. The simplest tft display is just the ITO electrode (ITO is oxidized tin, a transparent oxides) at the required location. LCD’s refractive index is different from before rotation, so it will appear different. The lowest -end black and white display does not need to drive IC, such as 16 SEGMENT Display. When the resolution becomes high, the coordination of IC is required, such as LCD Character Display, Graphic Displays. Such products are simple, easy to produce and manufacture, and can drive with simple MCUs.

The second category is a color tft display

The second category is a color tft display. This type of display is the current mainstream display. Compared with the black and white LCD display, the color tft display adds color filter and can display the color screen. According to different display modes, color tft displays can be divided into three types: IPS, TN, and VA.

tn panel

Among them, TN lcd panel are used on products below 720×1280 because of structural problems, and view angles such as IPS and VA displays are smaller, but the response responses The speed is high, and the obvious screen can be seen slowly at low temperature environment. It is best to use it at room temperature.

va display

 The principle of VA LCD display and TN display is similar, and now it is mainly applied to large -sized computer displays and television.

ips dislay

IPS lcd panel is the most widely used display. It is also the most developed tft display. IPS display can support 4K resolution, and the perspective is much better than the TN display. Different lcd panel manufacturers have their own patents, such as BOE ADS technology. LG’s FFS technology is developed in IPS display technology.

So what is the difference between IPS LCD VS TFT? Or who is better for IPS VS TFT?

According to the above introduction, it can be seen that in fact, the comparison method of IPS VS TFT is not rigorous. TFT does not have a type of display. TFT is an important part of LCD display. -Si, LTPS, LTPO, IGZO, etc. IPS LCD VS TFT LCD is more reasonable. IPS LCD is more excellent among the entire TFT LCD Display, so you already have the answer to the IPS LCD VS TFT answer here. Then IPS display can be used as one of your choices.

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