HDMI to MIPI, eDP, LVDS boards

Converts MIPI, eDP, LVDS, and RGB protocol displays to HDMI for your convenience

What is a MIPI connector?

mipi is the abbreviation of Mobile Industry Processor Interface, which defines the mipi is a communication protocol that defines the communication specifications for peripheral devices including displays, cameras, etc. Generally, only 30 pins are required, and the connectors can be selected according to the requirements of ZIF, B to B, etc.

What MIPI stands for?

 MIPI refers to the communication protocol defined by the MIPI Consortium, which includes communication protocols for peripheral devices such as displays, cameras, etc.

What is the use of HDMI to MIPI DSI display adapter?

Now the display below 10 inches generally interface SPI, MIPI, etc., can not be used on PC devices, we made the adapter can solve this problem, you can use it directly with any device with HDMI output

What services can we provide for you?

More than just HDMI to MIPI, LVDS, eDP adapters, we can do more for you!

HDMI to MIPI,RGB,LVDS adapter board

This is the expansion board we designed for Raspberry Pi CM4, we pin out all the pins of Raspberry Pi and add sockets for easy connection.
1. Added HDMI adapter to support MIPI, LVDS, eDP display
2. And add the clock circuit, no need for external clock module
3. Increased the screw holes for board fixing
4. Increased the power supply circuit to ensure stable operation

Portable Displays

Just one cable to connect your cell phone, computer, or game console will make your portable display your second screen, with the option to add a touch screen for your convenience

Windows/Linux/MAC OS screen projection.

Application areas: Raspberry Pi display, x64 display, computer sub-screen, projector screen, instrumentation display
1. Can be applied on Windows/Linux/MAC OS and other mainstream operating systems to achieve human-computer interaction.
2. Display is realized through HDMI connection.
3. Touch function supports mouse movement, click, double click, scroll wheel, right click, etc.

Industrial and medical instrument replacement displays

The output of precision instruments, industrial equipment and medical instruments is very small and can be used for more than ten years, but the display has the problem of aging or damage, the supplier of the equipment no longer provides replacement parts, we can help you mass production of display parts, you can set gamm, brightness, color temperature, display mode, etc., and your original product is very close.

Affordable and Fast Production

We can quickly produce different sheet metal prototypes and final products. KDM offers speedy production while assuring high precision. Our high-volume production also allows us to have cost-effect sheet metal fabrication services.

Optimal display solution

Through our extensive experience, we are able to produce displays with excellent performance. We guarantee all consistent quality and 100% fully tested.

Wide range of display types and technologies used

We are experts in different types of display manufacturing technologies, and we are able to produce displays with additional complex features such as high brightness, ultra-low temperature operation, ultra-thin, etc. Our wide range of displays can also withstand tests such as electrostatic testing, high temperature and high humidity operation, and drops.

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