How to Customize HDMI to LVDS Adapter Board?

 > How to Customize HDMI to LVDS Adapter Board?

HDMI to LVDS converter is a device that converts a digital HDMI signal to an analog LVDS signal, often used in LCD displays. After more than 20 years of development of lcd display, many products have appeared. Their sizes, resolutions and interfaces are completely different. You can look at the products of Harmony Optoelectronics. Our website only uploads some products, and they are all very large. different. Generally speaking, MCU interface, RGB interface, SPI interface, QSPI interface, and IIC interface are usually used in the case of low resolution. The high-resolution tft display uses MIPI interface, LVDS interface, eDP interface, HDMI interface, etc.

HDMI,VGA to LVDS TTL converter

HDMI interface and LVDS interface are commonly used interfaces. For example, Raspberry Pi has an HDMI interface on the motherboard. The full name of HDMI is High-Definition Multimedia Interface, which is a digital interface for transmitting high-definition video and audio signals. LVDS stands for Low Voltage Differential Signaling, which is an electrical signal used to transmit data over short distances. In the process of product development, we often encounter this situation: the platform you are good at only supports HDMI interface, and you need a 10-inch lcd screen, and this display only has LVDS interface, you have to stop and think about how to Using this tft display wastes a lot of time.

Harmony Optoelectronics has developed an HDMI to LVDS converter, which allows you to use any display with LVDS interface. There are many different types and models of HDMI to LVDS converters on the market, and they vary in features, compatibility, and cost. It’s important to choose a converter that’s compatible with your particular monitor and meets your needs in terms of resolution, refresh rate, and other specifications. Harmony Optoelectronics can customize the HDMI to LVDS converter according to your requirements. It can run stably in harsh environments and does not require you to debug the code. We will complete the software modification and you can use the converter after you receive it.

Our specially designed HDMI to LVDS converters can be used in the following fields:

  1. Industrial automation: HDMI to LVDS converters are widely used in industrial automation applications where LVDS displays are commonly used. The industrial environment is generally poor, and our converters can display key data and information in stable operation.
  2. Medical equipment: Many medical equipment and devices use LVDS displays to display data and images. Medical settings require very high reliability, and failure at critical moments can be fatal.So simple converters cannot be used.
  3. Gaming machines: Gaming machines such as slot machines and arcade games usually use LVDS displays. HDMI to LVDS converters can be used to interface these displays with modern gaming consoles and PCs, allowing users to enjoy high-quality graphics and gaming experiences.
  4. Digital Signage: HDMI to LVDS converters are also commonly used in digital signage applications using LVDS displays. These converters enable users to display digital content such as advertising, information and entertainment on LVDS displays.
  5. Consumer Electronics: Many consumer electronics such as TVs, monitors and laptops use LVDS displays. HDMI to LVDS converters can be used to interface these displays with other devices such as game consoles, set-top boxes, and media players.

Harmony Optoelectronics is an expert in lcd screen interface converters. We customize an interface converter that matches your device at a very low price. All you need to do is provide the display screen you want to use. We look forward to cooperating with you.

Why is Harmony Optoelectronics Trusted by 1000+ Clients?

Affordable and Fast Production

We can quickly produce different sheet metal prototypes and final products. KDM offers speedy production while assuring high precision. Our high-volume production also allows us to have cost-effect sheet metal fabrication services.

Optimal display solution

Through our extensive experience, we are able to produce displays with excellent performance. We guarantee all consistent quality and 100% fully tested.

Wide range of display types and technologies used

We are experts in different types of display manufacturing technologies, and we are able to produce displays with additional complex features such as high brightness, ultra-low temperature operation, ultra-thin, etc. Our wide range of displays can also withstand tests such as electrostatic testing, high temperature and high humidity operation, and drops.

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