E paper display list

E-ink screens are suitable for scenes that need to display fixed images for a long time, use ambient light and low power consumption

No flicker, no blue light, no eye damage

E-paper uses the same environmental light source as paper without luminescence, minimizing the intensity of eye use and protecting vision.

large viewing angle

E-paper has a 178-degree viewing angle, so it can be seen clearly from any angle

Ultra low power consumption

E-paper only consumes power when refreshing the drawing, allowing for ultra-long runtime in scenarios where frequent refreshing is not required, or battery-free operation.

E-paper display principle

The principle of electronic ink screen display

1. Due to the different charged properties (positive/negative), particle shape and size, their moving directions and moving speeds are also different in a certain electric field, so they can be separated.
2. When the electric field is set positive, the white particles move to the top of the microcapsules, thus appearing white. At the same time, the black particles are drawn to the bottom of the microcapsules, thereby hiding them. When an opposite electric field is applied, black particles appear at the top of the capsule, thus appearing black.

E-ink display features

No flicker, no blue light, no eye damage
1. The LCD screen refreshes the display screen at a high frequency and is always in a blinking state. At the same time, the backlight directly enters the eyes (especially blue light), causing damage to the eyes.
2. The ink screen uses ambient light source and does not emit light like a book (as shown in Figure 2, which is basically the same as the spectrum of natural light), which reduces the intensity of the eyes to the greatest extent and protects eyesight.

Electronic paper display effect
LCD display effect
LCD screen
Electronic paper display effect
Electronic Ink Screen

Close to paper reading experience, suitable for long time reading
1. The ink screen has almost no viewing angle limitation (viewing angle > 178 ゚)
2. High reflectivity, high contrast value, suitable for outdoor and long-time reading
Long battery life, no power consumption when the screen is still and not refreshed
1. Static display does not require electricity to maintain, only consumes a small amount of electricity when the screen changes.


Ultra-low power consumption, large viewing angle,Strong light visible

Electronic paper has a very big advantage in the case of not needing to refresh frequently

Common display sizes

Electronic paper has been very widely used in special fields, the following are mass application products

INCHDisplay ModeResolutionCompatible drive ICdisplay colorPPI
2.13HR E-paper122×250SSD1680black/white/red131

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E-paper application areas

Bus Advertising Handle

Screen size 5.65 inch
Communication protocol WIFI 2.4G
Resolution 600*448/DPI 132
Transmission distance 2.4 G WIFI coverage
Display type black, white and red / full color
Viewing angle >178 ゚
Power supply 3000mAh lithium battery, rechargeable
Battery life One charge, can be used for six months

Electronic work card

Screen size 3.7 inch
Communication method NFC
Operating voltage 3.0 V (min: 2.3 V)
Pixel 240×416
Display type black, white and red bistable e-ink screen
Viewing angle >178 ゚
Power supply method No battery design, permanent display

Electronic door sign

Screen size 7.4/12.2 inch
Communication protocol WIFI 2.4G / Bluetooth 5.0
Operating voltage 3.0 V (min: 2.3 V)
Transmission distance Wifi: 2.4 G WIFI coverage
Bluetooth: within a 15m radius circle
Display type: Black, white and red bistable electronic ink screen
Viewing angle >178 ゚
Power supply: Li-polymer battery
Battery life: 6 months on a single charge

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