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mipi dsi interface is an interface proposed by mipi alliance,the mipi dsi interface is widely used in the field of mobile display. D-PHY is usually used. When high-speed refresh is required, such as 120hz or even 144hz refresh rate, C-PHY must be used. The physical interfaces of D-PHY and C-PHY are different and cannot be used universally. And the driver IC and LCD panel are also different. The transmission speed of the mipi interface is very high, but it also places requirements on your main central processor. Displays starting from FW resolution support mipi interface, so there are many general categories of mipi dsi lcd display. The following are our products.

mipi dsi lcd display

2.86-inch TFT LCD

2.86-inch 376x960 tft display

2.86-inch 376×960 lcd panel, IPS mode, the driver IC is ST7701, MIPI dsi lcd display

8-inch 800x1280 WXGA tft display

8 inches 800x1280 lcd panel, IPS display mode, mipi dsi interface, full viewing angle.

2.95inch tft display

2.95-inch 360x640 tft display

The 2.95-inch 360×640 lcd panel has a slender display ratio and high resolution ,mipi dsi lcd display

7.84-inch 400x1280 tft display

7.84-inch 400×1280 lcd panel, MIPI dsi interface, IPS display technology, all view direction.

10.1-inch 800x1280 WVGA tft display

10.1inch 800x1280 lcd panel, IPS display mode, MIPI dsi interface, full viewing angle.


2.1-inch 480x480 round lcd display

2.1-inch round screen, IPS display mode, RGB/MIPI dsi interface, all view direction

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