Custom TFT LCD Display Solutions

According to your request custom LCD display, can be customized to display related optical parameters, size, interface, etc., you can customize screen type TFT LCD, segment LCD, character LCD,graphic LCD, serial control LCD, HDMI mipi/RGB/an LVDS circuit boards and other products.

what is LCD

LCD is the abbreviation of liquid crystal display, the basic structure of LCD is injected in a vacuum environment in two glass substrates, one substrate glass with TFT (thin film transistor)

what does TFT mean in LCD

TFT is the abbreviation of thin film transistor, which is made into a glass substrate through a semiconductor process to control the rotation of liquid crystal molecules, thus controlling the display

Is TFT display good for eyes?

TFT LCD eye protection or not depends on the backlight used, backlight if the blue light is removed or reduced, then TFT LCD is eye protection, in addition to the surface treatment of the protective glass to reduce the reflection to protect our eyes

Ready-made modules and accessories

     We provide tft display products that have already been mass-produced to help you avoid problems such as higher development costs and missed schedules. If your team is new to the display, over time, small but critical information that gets overlooked can cause serious problems with the display and start all over again. Our team of professional engineers can provide you with production-proven touch screen solutions and save you months of development time at competitive prices. With our diverse product lines, we will help you find the display related products you need. Even if you customize a new display product, samples can be produced in as little as 10 days to ensure the progress of your project.

What is LCD made of ?


LCD panel

Now there are many big LCD panels to choose from, such as BOE, AUO、CSOT、INNOLUX,etc. The display determines the size and resolution and most of the optical parameters.


display Drive IC

There are display driver chips corresponding to the display, such as Novatek ILItek, Sitronix, etc. Different driver chips are used for different resolutions, and there are also different functional differences.



LCDs require the use of two polarizers to control the entry and exit of light, which are available in different thicknesses and surface finishes


Display FPC (Flexible Printed Circuit)

The flexible circuit board is the connecting device between the display and the host computer, and can be designed to different thicknesses or add components and film layers according to requirements


backlight unit

The backlight is to provide illumination for the LCD module and consists of a frame, film and LED. The backlight source can change the brightness and color of the display, etc.


touch panel and cover lense

Touch screen can protect the display while having touch function, using different glass substrate and touch IC can achieve different functions, such as 5 point / 10 point touch, glove touch

custom lcd display

We are experts in custom lcd display including custom TN type displays, IPS type displays, capacitive touch screens, OLED display modules and HDMI to MIPI, RGB, LVDS boards.

custom lcd display

Custom LCD display is a must-have for businesses that require a visual display for their products or services. This type of display comes in a variety of formats, including segment LCD, character LCD, and serial control LCD, to cater to different needs and requirements. With the ability to showcase information with high clarity and precision, businesses can present their message with confidence and professionalism.

custom character lcd

Character LCD is another type of custom LCD display that can display characters, symbols, and graphics with high accuracy and readability. It offers a more advanced functionality than segment LCD, making it suitable for applications that require a larger display and more complex information. For instance, it can be used in cash registers, vending machines, and other devices that require a clear display of information.

custom segment lcd

Segment LCD is a type of custom LCD display that utilizes different segments to display alphanumeric characters, symbols, and other information. It offers a cost-effective solution for businesses that require a small display with limited functionality. With a low power consumption rate, it is ideal for battery-operated devices such as digital watches, calculators, and other portable gadgets.

0.66-inch OLED

custom OLED

OLED displays are a premium technology that offers superior image quality and energy efficiency compared to traditional LCD displays. Custom LCD displays with OLED technology offer brighter colors, deeper blacks, and better contrast, providing users with a more immersive and realistic visual experience.

Custom touch screen

Custom touch screen displays are becoming increasingly popular in various industries, including automotive, medical, and retail. By incorporating touch screen technology into custom LCD displays, businesses can provide a more interactive and engaging experience for their users. Custom touch screens can be designed and programmed to perform specific tasks, such as controlling a vehicle dashboard or displaying product information in a retail store.

Custom protocol conversion board

HDMI to mipi/RGB/LVDS circuit board is a custom LCD display accessory that allows for the connection of HDMI devices to mipi/RGB/LVDS displays. It is a versatile solution for businesses that require a display that can handle different types of digital signals. With high compatibility and flexibility, it can be used in a variety of applications, including medical devices, industrial automation, and digital signage.

Customization Process

Your idea


we design


Your confirmation

we    manufacture

we deliver


Design completion

Using tft display in outdoor environment or strong light environment will face the problem of not being able to see the picture clearly. The brightness of conventional tft display is only about 300nit, but it needs at least 1000nit or more brightness to be used outdoors normally, and 1500nit or more will achieve better Effect.

Due to its special design and excellent materials, industrial LCD screens can be used in various environments and scenes, such as hot, cold, bright outdoors at noon, and environments with strong electromagnetic and electric field interference. The conventional tft display is not suitable for these situations, and an industrial lcd display must be used.

UART protocol display is a display that can be driven and controlled by itself. UART protocol display can be controlled through the protocol interface. As long as your device can use UART interface, you can easily add a display.

The power consumption of tft display is relatively high, and the power consumption of a conventional display is less than 1w. If it is a large-size or high-brightness display, the power consumption will be higher. This is a disaster for battery-operated devices, and e-paper, transflective or fully reflective displays can solve this problem.

Recent TFT LCD Products

Any display requirement can be achieved!

Display size

We have a very wide range of sizes and types of displays for you to choose from, or we can customize them to suit your needs, with professional and fast service guaranteed.

Dimensions and structure

Our professional structural engineers can make the perfect design and drawing according to your requirements

Optical parameters

We are equipped with professional instruments to customize your brightness, color coordinates, CR, NTSC and other parameters, and provide test data

Various accessories

We can supply driver boards, touch panels, metal and plastic parts, etc. to provide you with a complete service.

Frequently Asked Questions

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So, keep reading to learn more.

TFT stands for Thin Film Transistor, which is made of a-Si, Al/Mo, etc. An electrical signal controls the turning on and off of the transistor, thus controlling the rotation of the liquid crystal.

TFT LCD is the display that we can come into contact with most everyday, such as cell phones, TVs, computer monitors, cars and so on. And LED refers to LED beads, or displays made up of very many beads, and they are used in different fields.

TFT LCD displays are inexpensive and have a long lifespan. AMOLED is costly and can be made very thin and light. In fact, they both have advantages and disadvantages, mainly depends on our more need which performance
AMOLED represents the highest level of the modern display industry, if the use of flexible substrates, AMOLED can also be bent, folded, and the latest design can be achieved under the screen camera and under the screen fingerprint recognition technology, but at the same time AMOLED price is also several times the TFT LCD

IPS is the short for in panel switch, is one of the TFT LCD, is also the most widely used a display mode, our cell phones and tablet PCs are almost all IPS display.

Generally speaking, it takes about 20 days for design and production, and about 10 days for logistics

LCDs generally use MCU, SPI, RGB, MIPI, LVDS, eDP interfaces depending on the resolution

General LCD brightness of 200 to 300lux, in a special environment brightness can be 3000lux or greater brightness, but power consumption has also increased very much.

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