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UART displays. provides a possibility for your project, that is, it allows you to add a colorful and fast-responsive color LCD display to any device with an MCU. Your MCU does not need to have the ability to drive the display, it only needs a simple The display can be controlled by commands, which is a huge improvement to your product. Just imagine how wonderful this would be, it would make your product stand out.

cheapest UART display

cheapest UART display product specifications:

– Main control chip: SW32M55 32-bit 160MHz RISC-V processor

– Picture space: 384K

– Power supply: 5V

– PCBA size: 15mm*40mm*1.2mm

– Communication interface: UART

– Default baud rate: 19200

– Display size: 0.96 inches

– Display resolution: 80*160

– Display interface: SPI

– Viewing angle: 80°/80°/80°/80°

cheapest protocol displays
cheapest UART lcd

cheapest UART display product features:

  1. UART serial communication: UART serial communication protocol is used to achieve efficient data transmission and control with external devices.
  1. Customized startup animation: Provides the function of customizing the startup animation. Users can realize a personalized startup screen according to their needs and enhance the brand recognition of the product.
  1. Horizontal and vertical display switching: Supports horizontal and vertical display switching function, which is realized through software control, making the display of the product more flexible in different scenarios.
  1. Backlight brightness adjustment: It has a backlight brightness adjustment function. Through precise circuit design and software algorithms, it can realize stepless adjustment of backlight brightness to meet users’ personalized needs for display effects.
  1. Image cropping: The built-in image cropping function supports precise cropping of images to adapt to displays of different sizes and improve the detail expression of the display effect.
  1. Single-chip driving LCD: Using a single-chip driving LCD solution, through highly integrated design, the complexity and power consumption of the system are reduced, and the stability and reliability of the system are improved.
  1. Wide application fields: It is suitable for electronic cigarettes, razors, toothbrushes, beauty instruments, hair dryers, power banks, toys and other electronic products, providing powerful control and display capabilities for the products.

       8. Built-in memory: Built-in high-capacity memory can store 30 UI images without external Flash storage, which simplifies system design, reduces costs, and improves product reliability.

other cheapest UART display products :


This is our most cost-effective UART display product. Such a UART display costs as little as less than 3 US dollars! Yes, you read that right, you may not be able to buy a color LCD display for $3, but Fengxiao Technology can provide you with UART displays! Not only is there a 0.96-inch display with a resolution of 80*160, but there is also a 1.28-inch circular display with a resolution of 240*240, a 1.47-inch display with a resolution of 172*320, and a 1.54-inch display with a resolution of 240*240. Circular display and other types of products, please contact us if you are interested.

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