5.5-inch 720x1280 HD tft display,Rectangular display

5.5-inch 720×1280 tft display module is widely used in various equipment, the interface is MIPI.

 > 5.5-inch 720×1280 HD tft display

Main parameters of 5.5inch tft display

ITEMStandard valueUNIT
Display modeNormal Black
Number of Dots720(H)x3(RGB)x1280(V)Dots
Color configurationRGB Vertical Stripe
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.0945(H)x0.0945 (V)mm
Active Area68.04(H)x120.96(V)mm
Viewing DirectionALL
Support color16.7M
Module Size(W*H*T)73.85(H)x149.7(V)x2.725(T)mm
Approx. WeightTBDg
Back LightWhite LED

Download relevant technical documents

ST7703 data sheet for small lcd display

Specification of 5.5-inch small lcd display

initial code for 5.5-inch small lcd display

drawing of 5.5-inch small lcd display

FPC custom service

FPC/cable/interface customization

Customize the length, width and thickness of FPC or cable, adjust the pin arrangement according to the interface type, and select the appropriate connector. Make your display or circuit board simple and safe with an excellent FPC solution.

Touch display customization service

Touch screen or cover glass added

A touch screen can be added according to your requirements, there are three options: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen. Or add protective glass as needed

Optical Measuring Instruments

Customized Display Optical Parameters

Display screens with different optical parameters can be designed according to needs, such as brightness, color gamut, response time, gamma and other parameters, and anti-glare, anti-fingerprint coatings, etc. can also be added

HDMI to MIPI,RGB,LVDS adapter board

Customized HDMI to MIPI, RGB, LVDS boards

The circuit board we designed can convert the interface of your display into an HDMI interface. If your product does not have any display control capabilities, you can use our serial display and only need to use simple commands to control the displayed content through RS232/458

5.5 -inch 720 x1280 tft display application cases

Due to the convenience of driving and relatively low price, OLED products are more suitable for use at higher temperatures than TFT LCD because there is no backlight source, such as heating equipment, such as electric soldering iron and heat gun

5.5HD, 720×1280 resolution, 16:9 display ratio suitable for video playback, 65% NTSC, high refresh rate, brightness can be customized, very widely used in mobile phones and handheld devices.

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