2.42-inch 128x64 OLED Display Module

2.42 128×64 OLED Display Module, Display Mode: Passive Matrix, Display Color: Monochrome

 > 2.42-inch 128×64 oled display, SPI/8080 interface
2.42-inch OLED

Main parameters of 2.42-inch PMOLED Display Module

ITEMStandard valueUNIT
Display SIZE2.42INCH
Display Type PMOLED
Driver ElementPassive Matrix
Number of Dots128*64Dots
Display Color Monochrome (White)
Pixel Pitch (W*H)0.43*0.43mm
Active Area55.01* 27.49 (mm)mm
Viewing Directionall direction
Control ICSSD1309
Panel Size(W*H*T)60.5(W)*37(L)*1.8(H)mm

Download relevant technical documents

SSD1309 data sheet for small oled display

Specification of 2.42-inch small oled display

Circuit diagram of 2.42-inch small oled display

Customize the length, width and thickness of FPC or cable, adjust the pin arrangement according to the interface type, and select the appropriate connector. Make your display or circuit board simple and safe with an excellent FPC solution.

A touch screen can be added according to your requirements, there are three options: resistive touch screen, capacitive touch screen, infrared touch screen. Or add protective glass as needed

Display screens with different optical parameters can be designed according to needs, such as brightness, color gamut, response time, gamma and other parameters, and anti-glare, anti-fingerprint coatings, etc. can also be added

The circuit board we designed can convert the interface of your display into an HDMI interface. If your product does not have any display control capabilities, you can use our serial display and only need to use simple commands to control the displayed content through RS232/458

2.42-inch OLED Display drawings and interfaces

The 2.42-inch monochrome OLED has an attractive blue display content, providing visual enjoyment with its vivid colors. With a resolution of 128×64, this OLED provides a clear interface for seamless interaction. It supports multiple interface options including 8-bit 8080, 8-bit 6800, 4-wire SPI, and I2C, ensuring compatibility with a wide variety of devices. Brightness reaches 110cd/㎡. The operating temperature of OLED is wider than that of tft lcd, and OLED is self-luminous and does not need a backlight, so the viewing angle technology of OLED is 180 degrees. With these impressive features, the 2.42-inch monochrome OLED is an excellent choice for your display needs.

The outline drawing is as follows:

Interfaces are defined as follows:

2VLSS Ground of Analog Circuit
3VSS`Ground of Analog Circuit
5VDD Power Supply for Logic Circuit
6BS1Communicating Protocol Select
7BS2Communicating Protocol Select
8CSThis pin is the chip select input. The chip is enabled for MCU communication only
when CS# is pulled low. 
9RESPower Reset for Controller and Driver
10DCData/Command Control
11R/WRead/Write Select or Write
12E/RDRead/Write Enable or Read
13D0Host Data Input/Output Bus
21IREFCurrent Reference for Brightness Adjustment
22VCOMHVoltage Output High Level for COM Signal
23VCCPower Supply for OEL Panel

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